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Number Junky's New Album



"A record that is incredibly inspiring, modern and at the same time strongly based on the jazz tradition. With its simplicity and rhythmic ideas, the music opens up an ocean of improvisational possibilities.” (GER)

"Borring can compose so that both the melodious and technically complex becomes a lise...” Ivan Rod (DK)

"A serious post-bop wizard"  Vintage Guitar  (US)
"This very elaborate album can only seduce fans of jazz and guitar in particular" JazzMania (BEL)
"Its success is build on their great ability to navigate busy rhythmic minefields, and also the immaculate time inherent in Borring's strong playing"  The Australian (AUS)

"Earth Matters ... has a searching, restless quality with lots of twists and turns and no sign-posted chord progressions... Beautifully recorded" - Fremantle Herald (AUS)
"a real treat" – Jazz'halo (BEL)

"a group to watch" – Radio Adelaide (AUS)



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