‘Number Junky’ at PJS

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‘NUMBER JUNKY’ is playing on Thursday the 20th May in Perth at The Rechabite hosted by ‘Perth Jazz Society’. We will be playing a bunch of new music. #LiveMusicLives!!   This is a double bill with ZARAPITO. Click here for TIX!!!  

The Awakening Ensemble – Live in Perth

The Awakening Ensemble at the Rechabite

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The Awakening Ensemble, led by drummer, composer and producer Michael Pignéguy, is performing on September 26th at The Rechabite in Perth… THE AWAKENINGS ENSEMBLE is an eclectic journey through World, Arabic, Latin & Jazz with an awesome line-up. Sophie Foster (v), Peter Jeavons (b), Brodie Stewart (keys), Kristian Borring (g), Steve Richter (p), Ricki Malet (tp), […]

Online lessons are back…

Kristian Borring online Lessons

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I will be back teaching my guitar students at Western Australian Academy of the Performing Arts in person. What a privilege. However, I have decided continue offering online lessons outside the conservatoire. Thanks to the pandemic my online set-up has improved in order to give students a good experience. So if you were thinking about having […]

Black Lives Matter…

Great Day In Harlem jazz musicians

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While I regularly engage with news and debates from around the globe making my opinions, I don’t consider myself very good at writing about them. I feel more comfortable discussing and debating politics in more intimate settings. Having said that, the disturbing surge in right-wing movements and their political figures that we have experienced on […]

Memories of Spain…

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Live concerts, remember those? Well I do, but man, it’s been a while. I don’t like to dwell too much on pasts events and concerts are ephemeral. They come and go. The moment we are in them is what matters, we hopefully cherish being part of that moment, whether listener or performer. However, in this […]

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