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Kristian Borring lock down studio

It is almost already becoming old news that musicians and artists have tackled the pandemic by embracing making online live concerts and edited videos performances. I have seen some of my colleagues really getting creative and doing great stuff.

Like many I have also taken the opportunity to upgrade my home recording setup. I have been blessed with a few recording contracts during the lockdown. One is a recording project by drummer Mike Pignéguy. We were supposed to do a live recording with his group before the world stopped spinning, and now Mike is in full swing creating a different kind of recording.

I also had the pleasure of recording my awesome wife playing cajon and other percussion for a new piece by John Barber.

However, the real exciting piece of news for me is that I have used the pandemic to fast track the making of a new solo project, which consists of recording some new pieces and etudes in a less traditional fashion to my previous albums. I’ll will be doing lots myself. It is all the result of my current research into non-isochronous meter.

I have been gearing up to do this project for a while, but can never find the time and space for it. All is still in early stages and seems still a bit slow moving; however, I have made progress and contacted a few guys to get involved.

My worry is getting caught up by life as the world starts moving again. In any case, I hope I can start sharing some of this work soon. I am not too inspired by the ‘Facebook/Instagram’ platform way-of-listening, so I still have to think about output format. Probably I simply need to be patient and look at making a full album release. We will see…

Watch this space…




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