Acrobat ‘Pre Covid’ Tour

Acrobat organ trioIn late January, when I flew back to Australia from Basel Airport via London Heathrow and Singapore, it was like an omen of the future to come. All over the international airports many travellers were already wearing face masks, particularly in Singapore where the risk of the SARS-II COVID 19 was more present than in Europe.

I was exhausted and still buzzing after two and half weeks on the road with ACROBAT, promoting our latest album, Make Your Stand. Coming off tour can often be a bit of a ‘downer’, but seeing swarms of people in clinical face masks was to me a gloomy feeling to say the least!

Where I am at the moment, in Western Australia, we are lucky to have kept the spread at minimum and although it will undoubtedly return, Perth feels like a safe place to be right now. Unfortunately that is not the case for my friends and colleagues around the world, and my thoughts goes out those most affected and have suffered human loss. If my feeling in Singapore in January was gloomy, it is fair to say things look even gloomier now for performing artists and touring musicians.

However, I am grateful that Pat, Will and I managed to finish our first much anticipated European tour together, almost in a nick of time. I can’t wait to be able to share some recordings we did on the road, particularly from our stint in Germany. I think we got some good footage from Salon Du Jazz in Köln and from our concert at the Robert Bosch College in Freiburg.

Stay tuned…



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